There are plenty of reviews on the Canon 80D, but there aren’t too many perspective videos for beginners looking at their first DSLR.

This video is just that, a beginners perspective using the Canon 80D from vlogs, short films, product photos and more.¬†With only 3 months in and my first ever DSLR, i’ve been able to shoot high quality videos for YouTube.

Whether you’re an aspiring film maker or beginning youtube channel, the Canon 80D offers a dynamic, robust and reliable camera for all of your video creating needs.

The lenses that Canon make are some of the BEST which is why many people who use Panasonic and Sony cameras also use Canon lenses.

If you’re looking for some really good reviews on the 80D here are two:


Canon 80D Hands-On Review

For color correction and color grading check out:

How To Color Grading In Premiere Pro CC 2017

Thanks for watching!
Snapchat: atdavidlee

Filmed with Canon 80D and Lumix G7K

Canon 80D —
Panasonic Lumix G7K —

Link to Amazon Store for all of my gear

Editing Software/Design: for thumbnails
Final Cut Pro X – 100% of vlogs
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Edited on:
Macbook Pro 13″, 2016 w/o Touch Bar | Base Config

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