Mentor For Change

Providing some screen grabs with fixture notations to help follow along as you listen to the podcast. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram if you have a quick question on any of the shots!

Camera: RED Komodo
Lenses: Atlas Orion A Set
Filtration: HBM 1/4

Link to the full commercial:

Kobalt 10 – Treehouse

Day exteriors on a super tight schedule can be tricky, especially when you have “extra” shots being thrown at you as they eat up the schedule quick. Here’s a look at how I approached this commercial for Kobalt Tools with the story of a father and son building a treehouse together as part of a Father’s day promo.

Lighting The “U”

Throwback to 2018 filming 3 music videos in one location. The challenge here was the lack of man power and fixtures along with filming a live session happening in real time. You can see the fixtures I was working with from the lighting diagram and how the band was placed made for an interesting time to say the least. Hope you can take something away from this breakdown!

The Everyday Office Space

What do you do when you have a normal location with everyday furniture, top light everywhere and not a lot of room? Well hopefully today you’ll find out and take away a little something from it. We go with a lot of haze, color contrast and back light for one scene. Switch to using existing lighting, diffusing what we can, adding a practical bulb in the mix and clever placement of our fresnel. Finish off with a library that could have looked better but in the end a lot of contrast, mood and eye light helps.


BTS and Lighting Placement

3 Looks, One Room

This setup was for a retainer client to create original content geared towards nutritional and exercise self-improvement. It was all talking head with a teleprompter for all scenes and we wanted some variance in the scenes but to not spend a lot of time moving locations. We chose to stay in the kitchen area and play with shades of light to help create essentially 3 looks in one room.


BTS and Lighting Placement

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