Why Digital Creators Should Unite

We all want a bit, or all, of our creative and unique endeavors to blossom to the greatest of heights. Arduous hours are spent creating graphics, filming vlogs, multicam shots for product reviews, short sound bites and iTunes music singles all with the hopes that our content will reach the masses and for our creativity to be appreciated.

Yet many creators are afraid to share their techniques and secrets with others with the fear their time, energy and efforts will be copied with no remorse.

There is some truth in that, but what happens when you aren’t focused on that. When you truthfully believe that what you present to the world will shine through all of the fake copy cats out there and TRUST ME, there are a lot of them out there!

So what has changed? What can creators do to fight against the wave of lies and laziness?

Honestly, they don’t need to do anything

Hours spent creating, can I keep it to myself?

With the tidal waves of fake news, CNN bashing and full transparency of the internet through forums such as reddit, there is no hiding. There are even people who make it their business to snuff out keyboard warriors, photoshopped celebrities and apparently copied melodies on Soundcloud.

It may be slightly different depending on what you create. The value I wish to share with you is to not be so bullish with your techniques and best kept secrets for adding your style and flair.

For me, it comes in the form of filming and editing. YouTube has been a blessing with various creators offering free tutorials and How-To videos on a wide range of applications. From color correction/grading, picture profiles, ergonomics and more — it’s literally free education.

If it weren’t for their willingness and compassionate gestures, i’m sure many of us out there wouldn’t be able to push the boundaries of digital creativity and presentations to our audiences. They weren’t worried about monetizing, they simply wanted to help.

That’s what it’s about friends, helping people without the requirement to “get paid” first.

Support each other, no one left behind

YouTubers Support

I recently had the privilege and honor to attend a digital creators workshop in Downtown Los Angeles, hosted by Matt Pearce of SunSquaredMedia with presentations and hands on feedback from Jonathan Morrison and Austin Evans, two YouTube creators with over 3 million subscribers combined.

The workshop was free…i’ll say it again FREE. There was no charge but limited availability as it was their first workshop. I had an incredible time as they were able combine education, experience and practicality into a full day workshop. They also provided us with free breakfast and lunch, like…what?!?!

Not only we were taken care of, what we all learned from them was invaluable. They shared with us their experiences, failures, successes and best tips when it comes to creating, uniqueness, pleasing your audience and pushing the limits with filming and editing.

Top level youtubers giving us their time and feedback

This is what it’s about — those who have been through the trenches and after 5–7 years of consistent efforts are now in a place where they want to share their experiences with others. Not to be monetized but to help promote the platform for other creators.

They understand and realize that by supporting others, they support themselves.

“You can have whatever it is you want, as long as you help enough other people get what they want” — Zig Ziglar

In my humble and personal experience, this statement holds very true. The more you give, the more you genuinely want to help people without the necessity or greed of receiving first. The universe will conspire to create a space that is genuine for you to organically reap the seeds you sow.

Start with quality, end up with quality

The Experience

After around 7 hours of info-jection and hands on time, I can honestly and graciously express that it was one of the best times of my life! Not only from an educational and highly practical side, but from a real world down to earth feeling. To be able to meet a few of the best on YouTube and to see how real and genuine they are, that in itself goes a long way.

Both Austin and John were incredibly humble, supportive and easy to talk to. The presentations from all speakers gave creators more to think about it. I certainly left with tips and feedback to implement with my own channel and videos but not to the point where I felt defeated in any way.

It’s not everyday when the best and brightest on a content viewing platform get together for donuts, coffee and speaking about their passions face-to-face with other aspiring creators.

John shooting the breeze with an aspiring YouTuber

Take Away

If we all do our small, but important, job of uplifting other content creators instead of keeping everything hidden like a leprechaun, I believe there will be even more room for growth.

Channels will receive more subscribers, blog posts and short films that we spend days and hours every week on will see the light of day, selling $1.00 tracks on iTunes will create rhythm. Most of all, it’s about supporting each other.

There’s no need to divide and conquer. Do what you’re passionate about, work hard every day for it and when you see a fellow creator struggling even a simple,

“Keep going bro!”

Helps out a lot.

Special thanks to:

Matt Pearce
John Morrison
Austin Evans

and the rest of the gang that drives SunSquareMedia.

Keep Aspiring, Keep Creating, Keep Going

David Lee

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