Why I Love Video

A major part of why I fell in love with video and editing was watching movies as a child. Forrest Gump, Rocky, Terminator, The Land Before Time โ€“ all were classic movies that ignited a visceral emotion.

It was a mixture of excitement, anxiousness, failure, success, heart break and perseverance. Thereโ€™s so much you can capture through videos that sings to the hearts of people.

That is why I love creating experiences for others to watch. Whether that be showcasing how a product touches lives to how business innovate the industry, my role as a content creator is to bring my unique flavor of simplicity and capturing words to invigorate and inspire action.

Keep growing, keep learning, live each moment.

David Lee

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Powerlifter, Yoga Instructor, Teacher Training Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach (C.H.E.K Institute), Videographer, YouTuber.

Find what you love and do that every single day.

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