Today I am sharing with you my favorite lut for sony cameras, the Phantom LUTs by Joel Famularo

The Phantom LUTs i’ve been using on my FS7, FX9 and Sony A7III for monitoring in camera and to use in color grading when I want the fastest workflow possible. The Phantom Neutral LUT is my favorite because it’s the best SLOG3 to REC709 LUT i’ve found where I don’t have to do anything after if I don’t need to whereas other LUTs you end up spending time to increase or decrease contrast, lowering or increasing saturation and other tweaks which is time consuming.

Here’s a breakdown of the video for you:
00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Examples
02:05 – Favorite Feature
03:22 – FILM LUT
04:14 – Other LUTs
05:00 – A7III SLOG2

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