What’s new YouTube fam! In today’s video we’re going over tips for filming in low light as well as tips for filming in no light situations. Whether you’re a wedding filmmaker, event filmmaker, documentary filmmaker and even if you rarely film in low light there’s always a great opportunity to learn some tips and tricks to help you when you are stuck with little to no light.

Majority of the example footage in this video is from the GH5, Sony A7RII and BMPCC 4K to give some variety.

I’ll provide some time stamps for you in case you’re in hurry and need the tips quick:
Tip #1. Back Light @03:49 min
Tip #2. Fast Lenses @04:29 min
Tip #3. Ambient Light @05:48 min
Tip #4. Diffusion Filters @07:53 min
Tip #5. Vintage Lenses @09:27 min

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#filmmaking #cinematography #bmpcc4k

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  1. Lighting is the biggest concern in a photography gig. I had to cover a wedding at one of the top marriage halls in Chennai, and my cinematography crew has never been treated so well! The team were given power outlets at specific camera placement angles to get the best shot ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome to hear Daniel! Events can be tricky but when the staff and venue managers can help the photographers and film crew out it’s a win-win situation for everyone haha


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