In the city of Compton, California the wide spread use of sex trafficking, especially for young women and teenage girls, has contributed to the increase of robberies, homicides and otherwise general violence on the streets around South Los Angeles.

This documentary has been created with the support of Antioch Missionary International ( and Restoration Diversion Services ( to tell their story.

A story of hope, faith, love and guidance for young women who wish to get out of “The Life” and off the tracks of Long Beach Blvd.

If you wish to support their cause through volunteer work or donations please reach out through the links above.

I invite each and everyone of you who watch this to value your life much more than you have; we only have one life to live – do your part to spread more love in this world.

Thank you,

David Lee

Equipment and Post Production Software Used:
Cameras: Sony A7RII, DJI Mavic Pro
Shot in SLOG2 and D-Log
Lenses: Canon 24-70 F4, Canon 50 F1.4, Canon 85 F1.8 all with Metabones MKIV Adapter
Manfrotto 562B-1 Monopod
Peak Design SL-1
Zoom H4N
Shure Lenshopper VF83

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2017
Graded with Magic Bullet Looks 13

Music from Epidemic Sound
Track #1: A Perfect Planet 9
Track #2: Tension 1
Track #3: Serious But Calm 2
Track #4: Serious But Calm 3

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Philip Bloom:
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Creative North:
Snapchat: atdavidlee

Current Cameras:
Canon 80D —
Sony A7RII —
Sony A6500 —
Olympus OM-D E-M10 MKII —
Canon Powershot G7X —

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Editing Software/Design: for thumbnails —
Final Cut Pro X
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Edited on:
Macbook Pro 15″, 2016: 2.9Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD + Samsung 850 Evo 1TB SSD USB 3.0, Radeon Pro 460 4GB

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