From Fox to Film

As a videographer and content creator, films and television have played a huge role in my life. From movie classics (at least for me) such as the Newsies, Forrest Gump, Terminator 2 to television series like Married With Children, Family Matters and 24 i’ve been drawn to the imaginary and endless possibilities of,

Story Telling

It’s about conveying emotion that can be connected to real life experiences. Creating a sense of hope, stress, fight and a visceral feeling that only the viewer can experience.

A part of you can extract faith that the hero will end up victorious, or the guy will end up with the girl — it’s the art behind structuring narrative, lighting, audio and words that create our viewing experiences.

Much of what we see today in film and TV has migrated to the internet. The content, more or less, is still the same. Except now we have YouTubers such as Casey Neistat and attention crafters like Gary Vaynerchuk who have pushed the boundaries of tradition and social norms.

A Much Needed Push

Belief + Action = Change

We all are living in the digital era, like it or not, you will consume ungodly amounts of internet bandwidth streaming HBO GO and Netflix. You’ll be sitting in front of your computer looking for a how-to on draining your toilet and YouTube will suggest a recommended video half way through that continues your viewing time.

Keep Watching From Anywhere

Beyond the marketing and advertising, the internet has opened up gateways to viewing experiences that we never had before. Through VR and unique creative filters, anyone,


Can bring to life their own creations through our video screens. That is the beauty behind our current age of digital nomads and tribes. Platform such as YouTube have brought people from all walks of life together for entertainment, education and informational value. Instagram stories and Snapchat have created an innocently humorous way to share opinions, glimpses and moment with anyone.

Sharing Moments

Point of View

There was a time 3 years ago where I believed we had too much to view, too many distractions and were becoming “disconnected” to each other and the world as a whole.

I couldn’t have been more wrong

This is the point of view of a millennial who grew up around engineers and computer systems all the while found and studied martial arts, yoga, holistic health and powerlifting over the course of 20 years. I saw a lot of disconnection, but I wasn’t looking at the good technology was bringing.

Today it’s even more crucial that we found small ways to communicate, enrich and enliven the experiences for everyone on this planet.

Bringing life and joy back

We’re all looking for hope and light, that’s why there’s so much consumption of digital entertainment and resources. I don’t believe it’s because people are becoming lazy, to an extent, i’d like to think it’s that people have lost faith and hope in the goodness in our world. That’s what videos and season series offer us, a way to keep hope alive.

Take Away

In the end, there’s still much to witness as current technology matures and future technology is tested and deployed, but it’s happening. The wheels of motion have already began to spin and they are spinning faster each day.

How we choose to respond to it is our prerogative, but video is here to stay. Theaters will continue to rush in viewers for the new blockbuster film. Social platforms will endlessly battle the wave of slowing trends with new filters, new UI tweaks and more efficient and UX based ways for us to communicate with our friends, followers and the entire world.

The art of story telling will always have a place, I urge and invite all of my fellow content creators to continue their legacy of excellence. We owe it to our viewers and subscribers to bring them value.

That in turn creates a little more happiness and joy in a world that has much fog of anger and hate.

Keep Creating, Keep Aspiring, Keep Going

David Lee

I hope you enjoyed reading this rant, philosophical expression, psycho-something or other post!

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