Appreciating Your Followers

In the world of blogs, video logs, inspirational videos, ad space, digital news and negative rants — when was the last time any of us (content creators) actually thanked the people who spend their time on the internet browsing through our feeds?

We have become so infatuated with giving and expecting something in return that the level of fake and down right absurd content being uploaded through the internet pipes is astonishing! Now, given I haven’t been doing this long but i’ve been consuming for years reading BBS posts at local university intranets.

I’m not advocating for,

“Things to go back to how they used to”

No…there’s no need for that. What I wish to share in this post is for each and every content writer out there to give thanks for their loyal and new followers.

NOT, to sell you through your sales funnel — what you choose to do is your ambition and I get that, but could you leave a simple thank you at the end? Perhaps even sending out your “newsletters” or posting public in your Facebook Group, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Feed, Tweet etc with simply this,

“Hey guys…thanks for everything”

A simple thank you goes a long way

A Little Goes A Long Way

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Creators know that for every post or video they make there will always be trolls, haters, doubters and envious people in the world. I can understand that it makes you want to modify your content to speak to not offend certain demos, but the truth behind being a “creator” is you create, not copy.

Copying is fine when you need that, but creation is something unique and special friends.

See when you create something uniquely your own AND can offer thanks for other people watching or reading your creation, then positive light and energy is returned your way. Use that to continue to create and grow with your craft — that keeps your followers happy knowing that you are genuine to you and builds trust.

Trust in others

I know we’re all seeking the metrics for length posts, 60 second IG and FB impact videos, filing away our IG stories and Snapchat stories until there’s 100+ clips long (which BTW, STOP DOING THAT), but friends the more you put out the more I invite you to say thanks.

Give thanks for you having the ability to do what you do. Find gratitude for your cell phone, laptop, audio mixer, internet service provider, car, bus and every other medium you use to display and express content for the entire world to view!

The internet is excited for you!

Take Away

I sole heartedly wish that anyone reading this (viewer or creator) take to heart what i’ve shared. In a world of full transparency you can’t hide any longer, there’s too many ways for people to sift through the sand and find out what’s behind it all.

Your fans will believe in you, trust you and support you — much of that starts with acknowledging them and letting them know how much you appreciate and are thankful for having them with you on your journey.

Always remember where you came from and your intentions for being a content creator. It’s in the process, the journey and the people you connect with along the way.

Keep Creating, Keep Aspiring, Keep Going

David Lee

I hope you enjoyed reading this rant, philosophical expression, psycho-something or other post!

If you have 1 second (just one!) please comment or ❤ the post if you liked it! I believe in communication and community which is why i’m here.

Thanks a bunch and follow me around on my journey as a Powerlifter, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Techie.


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